Monday, July 5, 2010

A Week in the Life... May 31 - June 6

Gearing up for World Cup, Sophie and I play soccer in the park
Fiskars: my new papercrafting heros!
Volunteer Fabienne helps Sophie plant sunflowers at Tecumseh
Sophie keeps the beat as part of a drumming circle at the Gathering on the Green
This week began a real buckling-down for me, after being away for a couple days last week. My biggest project (aside from wrapping up a whole lot of volunteer commitments before the school year ends) is working on my cousin Heather's wedding invitations and reply cards. Once my mom left on Monday and Rowan went home for the day, I started measuring and planning... and discovered that I was one supply short to do a proper job cutting the card stock. I've been using the same 12" Fiskars paper cutter for probably 10 years, and its cutting matte is definitely showing its age. If I wanted clean, straight edges I knew I needed a new one, but the problem with owning a product for that long before it wears out is that it can be very difficult to get replacement parts. The company still makes a 12" cutter, but it's been redesigned and takes a different size matte now - after either going to or calling every craft, paper, scrapbooking and office supply store in London I started to panic. I'll give a huge shout out to Fiskars at this point, because I called them and explained what I was looking for and why... rather than directing me to someone who could sell me one they actually sent it to me themselves, free of charge. Excellent customer service - it's just a cutting matte but it's something that I'll tell people about and that gesture ensured them a customer-for-life from me. Other, non-wedding-invitation-related events this week included the JK and SK students planting sunflowers at Tecumseh (such a great experience, as they get to watch them grow over the summer and help harvest the plants in the fall), and our yearly trip to the Gathering on the Green, a wonderful neighbourhood festival held on the grounds of the Monsignor Feeney Centre. A busy week yet again, with every moment filled with either work or fun!


  1. Word of mouth is the best advertising. I'm so glad it all worked out for you.

    I think all the things you get Sophie involved in are terrific... she is one lucky girl.