Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Month in the Life... February 2012

It was a busy month (which month isn't, really)! Between multiple trips to the Children's Museum, Valentine's Day, and our Oscar party, we were jumping here at Casa Burton!

Sophie put on a dance performance in the dining room, and decided that she needed a greater audience than Mom and Dad. Her solution? A crowd of animals, complete with fan signs chanting her name. Are we in trouble as she gets older?

Our cat Gabby, loving up one of Sophie's tiny stuffed animals (one that didn't make the "fan club" cut above). Don't be fooled: she's loving enough, but this particular lion had been exposed to catnip before being handed over...

Winter in Canada = skating time! We're enjoying skating as part of the school curriculum, so Sophie and her friend laced up their skates and put on their helmets all month long in gym class... a great way to improve their skills!

Much to Sophie's disappointment, our previous next door neighbours moved this month. Their 3 kids and Sophie would play constantly - they were over in our yard at least a few times a week. We've welcomed new neighbours though, who (while childless - a big detractor in Sophie's book) seem lovely... this was the "welcome to the neighbourhood" card I slipped into their mailbox.

Puppy love... we've all had puppy on the brain lately. I'm not sure what's causing it, but we've all been talking about "when we get a dog"... the mind set wasn't helped by the day we spent at the Children's Museum in February, when ARF came with lots of puppies to love up. Sigh...

Baking bread is great any time of year, but when the wind whips and the thermometer drops below 0, it really seems appropriate! These two loves were baked to accompany a nice lasagne dinner... mmmmm!

With a family membership to the Children's Museum, we're very much regulars. One weekend in February we thought it would be fun to turn our regular family date into a playdate for Sophie, and we invited two of her friends along! Sophie, Olivia and Julia clearly "got into" this Egyptian exhibit!

February = Oscar Night!  We glammed up and welcomed friends over for our yearly party celebrating the glitz and glam of tinseltown! It was a fun night... good food, good friends, and lots of little golden men!

Teresa, one of our VIP's, makes the most of her photo op on the way in the door on Oscar night. Next year, we're trying to figure out how to incorporate a cheering crowd... 

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