Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo of the Day January 17th

We enjoyed a wonderful visit and make-your-own pizza dinner with our friends Tiffany and Scott and their two amazing daughters Charlie and Rachael this evening. I've known Tiff for what seems like my whole life... 29 of the 35 years of my life anyway. It's such a joy to watch her daughters and mine play together, running around the house laughing and playing crazy games... I was kicking myself for not taking a moment to grab the camera and capture their fun. Instead, since each of the girls stopped at some point this evening to admire our lava lamp, I've chosen it as our Picture of the Day. It's casting a glow over the desk as I type, and since it's quite late (again) I'll need to turn it and the computer off shortly and head to bed... I have to be sure not to get mesmerized watching it first!

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