Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo of the Day April 27th

The sink after a teeth-brushing may be messy, but at least she did it all by herself!
Over the past while we've been working with Sophie to help her become more independent, and it's been a bit of a struggle. She loves being babied, and if given the choice would like me to still dress her, brush her teeth, help her on with her shoes, do up her coat, and so on. Honestly, she'd still like me to feed her the way we did when she was a baby - we really had to put our foot down on that one because otherwise I would still be holding her spoon for her to this day. One of the ways Chris has been encouraging her independence was with something that he created called her "Star Chart". It hangs on the fridge and has about a dozen things on it that we're trying to encourage her to do for herself, from "I brushed my own teeth" to "I got into my PJ's at bedtime". Each time she does one of these things we draw a star in the column next to the activity - there are 20 columns in total, so once she's done each activity 20 times the column will be full. Once the entire sheet is full, she gets a special prize - Chris let her choose the prize herself and she decided she really wanted to go to Canada's Wonderland. It should take her a large part of the summer to get 20 of each activity done (especially the one about "washing your hair without complaining"), but I imagine that by August we'll have a good reason to spend the day at Wonderland - and I'm really looking forward to celebrating Sophie's independence with her.

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  1. Boy this one sounds like Deja Vu. Maybe because we talked about it when I was down.