Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo of the Day May 4th

I completed my pantry organizing project today as planned. As I mentioned yesterday I have far too many bags of herbs, spices, mixes, teas, grains and just about everything else you can think of... I love shopping at the bulk store, but have come to hate the fact that my pantry is a mess of bags. I finally decided to bite the bullet and start using some of my under-utilized canning jars for storage. I know I may regret it when I want to make jam this summer, but at this point my immediate needs had to take precedence so I used about 20 of them for dry goods storage. Chris picked up a wax pencil from the hardware store for us to label the jars and in just over an hour I went from daily annoyance to delightful organization. It does make me wonder why I took so long to finally deal with it though - it seems a shame to have lived with it for so long when it took so little time to fix.

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