Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo of the Day April 29th

With Chris sleeping during the day today I tried to spend the lions share of my time out of the house - I spent the morning running around attending doctor's appointments, going to the drug store and for groceries, then picked up Sophie from school and hit the gym. After a "smoothie break" together post-workout, Sophie asked if we could do something else fun before going home. It's been a while since she had her bangs trimmed, so we decided to head to Max and Oscars for a haircut... it may not seem like haircut is a fun destination, but at children's haircutting places it sure is. Balloons, cartoons, cool cars to sit in instead of regular chairs - it's a lot different than my salon that's for sure. As you can tell, Sophie was very excited to get started - and we were both pleased with the results. As an added bonus, Chris was awake by the time we got home so we didn't feel as though our noise around the house detracted from his rest in any way. It can be a real challenge when one person in a household sometimes works on such dramatically different schedules than the rest of the house, but we seem to make it work.

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