Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo of the Day May 2nd

After many, many hours of work, the Firebird newsletter is done for yet another month. I should clarify that what we produce for the school isn't a traditional newsletter - it's actually a mini newspaper, complete with calendars, reviews, photo galleries and more. It's certainly one of the most thorough school newsletters I've seen, and it acts as one of the school's primary communication tools - anyone reading the newsletter ends up with a great understanding of activities and plans for almost every area of the school. When "the beast" was done I needed to get a copy to my newsletter partner (and great friend) Julie, who has the technical prowess and proper software to convert it from Word to PDF so we can send it off to the school... along the way my I-have-so-much-work-to-do stress dissolved and I actually got a good look at the beautiful springlike world around me for the first time this weekend. Cherry blossoms in full bloom, blue skies, sunshine, and birds singing to help wind down the weekend... exactly what I needed to break myself out of my computer-based rut. Thank you mother nature!

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