Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo of the Day February 11th

To paraphrase: if I never see another cookie, it will be too soon. My house was cookie central today, the result of a rash of baking-related things I volunteered to do. I'm teaching a cookie decorating class for kids this evening through Tecumseh Community School, and I included in my class description that the cookies would be supplied - which meant baking not only a few "sample" cookies for me to decorate, but 60 additional cookies for my students. When I found out that Sophie's Valentine's party was being held on Friday I figured I was baking cookies anyway, so I volunteered to bring in enough cookies for the entire class. Then my friend Julie mentioned the Cake and Cookie Raffle she was organizing on Friday and I figured... if I'm already baking I might as well make some extra cookies for that, right? And I have Rowan tomorrow - he'd love to decorate cookies as an activity with Sophie and I, so I'll throw in a few extra... and what about some to send to work with Chris on Friday evening? Basically, I baked myself into a corner and realized that I needed at least 11 dozen cookies to live up to the commitments I'd made - do you want to take a guess at what my entire day looked like today? If your guess included icing sugar and flour drifting through the air and my fingers being stained with food colouring you'd be right on the money! After all the baking and decorating was done I headed to the school where I spent an hour with six very excitable girls decorating cookies... the shower I had before bed probably put more sugar into the sewer system than it did water!

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  1. I just received an email from the Cookie Monster. It was simple and to the point: ME WANT COOKIES!

    I can't blame him. I see all those cookies but got to taste narry a one.