Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo of the Day January 30th

What a special day for Sophie...today is her "Show Week" performance at The Little Gym. Show week marks the end of a semester (20 weeks) of classes, and gives family and friends the opportunity to come into the gym to watch a formal performance. The kids have been practicing for weeks, and with Nanny and Aunt Laura in the audience Sophie and her friends performed a ballet routine, a tap routine, and executed a series of moves on both the balance beam and uneven bars. Sophie's still pretty scared to be up on the beam, and is only willing to do the "hanging" style moves on the uneven bars (no flipping over the bar for her), but it's still a great improvement over what she was doing at the beginning of the semester. At that point she wouldn't even walk on the low-to-the-ground balance beam without holding the instructors shirt in a death-like grip - if he'd move away even a couple of inches she'd freeze and wail for him to come back. She's been doing well in the dance room, and was even practicing some of her moves here at home (I've been humming "Hawaiian Rainbow", her ballet routine song, for weeks now!) She's definitely making progress, and I look forward to seeing what the next semester might bring...

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