Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo of the Day February 1st

One of the "green" areas at Lord Roberts Public School
I'm shivering... cold to the bone after spending the several hours outside looking at school yards. I started the morning attending a meeting with several school representatives and a landscape architect to look at locations for a new "outdoor classroom" at Tecumseh. Outdoor classrooms are areas created throughout the school yard out of logs or rocks set up in an amphetheatre-style seating arrangement, and bushes and trees incorporated for both shade and wind-break purposes. Tecumseh recently recieved a Metro Green Apple grant which will be matched by ReForest London and should allow us to purchase three new trees and the other supplies needed to create such a space. With input from students, School Council and Home & School we discussed locations, traced outlines in the snow and debated the merits of different styles of trees and shrubs for our purposes - a conversation that lead to a field trip to Lord Roberts Public School. The Landscape Architect who will do up the plans for the Tecumseh renovation was involved in work at Lord Roberts as well and mentioned a certain type of evergreen that was used that might meet our requirements - so off we went to check them out. They seem perfect, so now all that remains is the paperwork and waiting for bureaucratic approval... and my need to warm up!

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  1. If every winter day could look like this, I would love the season more. Beautiful shot!