Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo of the Day February 16th

It was a day of supporting Tecumseh Public School for me... I helped tie skates for students in the morning, ran a committee meeting to discuss the information that new families receive when they join the school in the afternoon, and spent several hours with my School Council Co-Chair in the evening. Thank goodness for the fact that last meeting was held in part at Starbucks so I could keep caffeinated enough to carry on! Actually, I owe Starbucks thanks for more than just my yummy "skinny vanilla late" this evening - after a few discussions with the cafe manager I've gotten the promise of donations for the School Council Coffee Drop-in sessions we're holding at the school each month. This month we're getting "To Go" containers of both hot chocolate and tea, as well as a plate of goodies... so if the promise of interesting discussion at these Coffee Drop-ins doesn't bring parents in, the treats just might!

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