Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo(s) of the Day February 8th

February 8th: AKA the day of both endings and beginnings.

Part of my past...
... and part of my future.
Oh, how funny life is... in addition to the events of yet another busy day (Rowan was here, I hosted a newsletter meeting at the school, etc) I saw the end of one adventure and the start of another, all in a single day.
As mentioned earlier, I've decided to give up my Demonstratorship with Stampin' Up - not an easy decision, but one I've come to peace with. At the end of last month I offered my Demonstrator discount to anyone who would like to place an order, and finished off my relationship with Stampin' Up by making a rather large purchase - the UPS van pulled up in front of my house this morning to deliver the goods (see picture 1). And, for the past several weeks I've been mentioning to people that I'm interested in a new challenge - something work-wise that I could do and enjoy, that would allow me to still spend the majority of my time with Sophie. My sister-in-law Laura mentioned the company that she works for might be hiring, and within a week I'd spoken to a representative, forwarded my resume, completed a phone interview and (as of this evening) was hired. I'm very pleased to say that I will now be one of two Demonstrators representing Luma Events (see picture 2) in the London region - a job which involves hosting occasional wine and beer tasting events at LCBO locations and trade shows. Those of you who know me will realize what a great fit this is for me... I am a real "people person", enjoy teaching, and have a great appreciation for good wine - it all comes together for this role. I'll start in March after we return from vacation... and of course to celebrate I went out and bought a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay, one of the wines that Luma Events often hosts tastings for. Cheers to the end of one adventure and the beginning of the next!


  1. A toast to Summer: May this be the first step in a future filled with new challenges and successes.