Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo(s) of the Day February 21st

Flying over the Florida Keys – we’re not in Canada any more!


Nunu Gabby and I keep Sophie entertained on the 4+ hour flight to San Juan


Sophie and Daddy in the Cruise Ship Port, just after checking in
And we’re off! Last night was spent at the Fairfield Inn in Romulus, Michigan – we had a suite with separate bedroom and sitting area so after packing Sophie off to bed (in theory at least) Chris and I ordered dinner and sat up watching Olympic coverage. Until we realized that Sophie was far too excited to actually sleep, and had been sitting up in bed watching the television’s reflection in the bedroom mirror, that is. About an hour and a half and a televised basketball game later, her excitement over the trip had relaxed enough to let her sleep – we all passed out to be ready for our 5:30 wake-up call. Breakfast and an airport shuttle later, we met up with Mary, Courtney and Brandon and boarded our flight for San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was uneventful and (because we were travelling with a four-year-old in need of fairly constant entertaining) felt long, but by 2:30pm we were in a cab and on our way to the cruise ship terminal. A few lessons either learned or reinforced during this trip: taking a cab from the airport is considerably faster and cheaper than using the cruise ship’s ground transportation, carrying your bags through the cruise ship terminal will get you dirty looks from the (tip-driven) baggage handlers but is preferred over waiting several hours to have your bags delivered to your cabin, and Rum Runners are a good thing. We settled in quickly and spent a bit of time looking around before dinner – got Sophie registered for the Adventure Ocean kids programme, suffered through the muster drill, and got a general idea of some of the tricks of the ship (ex. You cannot walk the length of the ship on deck 3 – to get from one end to the other you must go up to deck 4, walk across, and come back down to deck 3 again.) Dinner in the restaurant was lovely and our Waiter Rolvino (from India) and Assistant Waiter Andy (from Jamaica) were both charming. Sophie settled in with a very exhausted Aunt Mary for a few hours of sleep while Chris and I watched the ship sail away from San Juan and met up with some of our Cruise Critic friends at the Sky Bar for drinks and a few laughs before letting the ship rock us to sleep. Day 1 behind us, already our vacation has been great.

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