Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photo of the Day February 11th

I'm teaching a Sushi-making class at Tecumseh Community School this evening, which means my afternoon has been taken up almost completely with making rice (shown above). Sushi rice is very different than standard white rice, or even basmati or jasmine - it's sticky in a way that rivals spackling putty, and you just can't substitute any other kind when making sushi. The class I teach is Sushi for Beginners (an unconscious nod to a book I read years ago), and it's a class that focuses on making sushi without the use of any raw fish ingredients. In fact, the only fish-based ingredient we use at all is crab, and it's actually the simulated crab made from pollock. Nice and gentle for those interested in tip-toeing into the world of sushi without jumping all the way to Ahi Tuna!

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