Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photo of the Day February 15th

"All Aboard!"
. .
Sophie's had trains on the brain lately, insisting as we make our way through the grocery store that I make "chuga chuga chuga chuga, choo choo!" sounds while the cart is in motion and a good train-stopping "screeeeeeeeeeeeeeech" when we stop to pick something up. The game has now progressed to the point that she likes to get out of the cart and have the train take off without her, just so she can chase it - apparently she likes the rush of catching the train just in the nick of time (hmmmm... future Amazing Race contestant???) Since we were at home today we were unable to railroad our way through the grocery store, prompting Sophie to pull out her Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set for play time. We made about 5 different track configurations before I had to "chuga chuga" my way off to the kitchen to make dinner!

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