Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo of the Day February 25th

Oh, how I love the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas"! Jack Skellington is one of my all-time favourite movie characters, and more often than not you'll find me sipping my morning coffee from a giant mug shaped like his head (that might just be a future photo-of-the-day in that image!) For Christmas this year my husband gave me this amazing bust of Jack, which came complete with a secret coffin-handled drawer in the back holding DVDs of the movie (with a ridiculous number of extras and bonus features!) and a removable Santa hat and Beard for when Jack's feeling festive. It's such a silly, unnecessary thing that I would never have dared buy for myself - which is exactly why I love it! So much of our energy and time is devoted to doing the things we need to do, fulfilling our commitments, living up to expectations (both ours and others), and just generally running the daily treadmill without proiritizing anything special to reward ourselves for all our hard work. How nice is it to have something completely frivolous, for no reason than that it makes you happy? My wish for each of you is that you go out and get yourself something both wonderful and unnecessary today... we all deserve it!

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