Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo of the Day February 22nd

Happy Oscar Night!

The Academy Awards were always a big deal in my family... I grew up with the idea that every February families all over hosted big parties complete with fancy snacks, borrowed TV's in several rooms, a bar, and often a theme meal. I've since realized that we were not in the majority, and I have so many great memories of this unique event. There were usually dozens of people in attendance, and everyone got a ballot on their way in the door to make their guesses as to who would take home awards that night. At the end of the evening the ballots were tallied and the person with the highest number of correct guesses would be the recipient of the Oscar Jones Award, an very dignified gold statue worth just slightly less than the real thing. The winner's name would be engraved on the base along with all the previous years winners, and they would get to take Oscar home on the promise of returning him for the ceremony next year. It's been several years since Oscar made his rounds, and he lives with Chris and I now. We bring him out every Academy Awards evening and put him in the front room so he can watch the show... and one year I think we'll start the tradition again.

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  1. That was nice to hear that you enjoyed those evenings. Thanks for the reminder.

    By the way, I like the shot you took of Mr. O. J.