Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo of the Day February 26th

My Grandmother, when telling her grandkids that we needed to go outside to play, used to say we needed to "get the stink blown off us"... well today was one of those days around our house! The weather is pretty mild despite the snow and the sun is shining - with Rhys, Rowan and Sophie all bursting with energy our porch and yard beckoned. The kids had a blast with all their traditional imagination games (Let's be butterflies!!! Let's be puppies!!!) and we took advantage of the clear walkway to play a game of marbles - I'm sure I'll find many of the ones we lost once spring comes and the snow melts. I captured this shot of Rhys (who has barely taken off his sunglasses since arriving this morning) and Sophie between a round of marbles. Back inside now, we're all distinctly free of stink and settling into quiet activities while Rowan naps before lunch.

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  1. They're just so darned cute!

    Fun shot Summer