Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo of the Day February 21st

I snapped this shot of Sophie just after breakfast as we were getting ready for our very busy day. She's going to her first kid's birthday party today, and is so excited to help her school friend Lily celebrate her special day. The party is at Kidscape, and they're going to be doing some ceramic painting and playing at the indoor playground in addition to the traditional cake and presents - it should be a hoot! From a kid-filled afternoon I'm excited to transition to a grownup-filled evening, as I'm on my way to the 40th annual St. Anne's Wine & Cheese in St. Thomas. It's a crazy ladies-only potluck dinner and show, peppered with lots of singing, women in drag, a chorus line, and the occasional naughty joke. Some of the participants have been working on the show for its entire 40 year history, and to watch them leap up on stage in full KISS costume and makeup to lipsynch to "I Want To Rock And Roll All Night"... well, I should be so lucky to have half their energy!

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