Monday, March 2, 2009

Photo of the Day March 2nd

My last "Photo of the Day" post for a week or so... I'll post some pictures of the Dominican Republic when I return home!

Sophie loves pretending to be different animals, with her current faves being puppies, kitties, fish, birds, and sea turtles. Whenever she's "being" an animal, she likes to pretend to eat the same food they do, but sometimes I'll surprise her by turning her food into the animal she's pretending to be. This afternoon she's being a kitty, so I took some extra time to make her a "kitty peanut butter and honey sandwich" complete with crust whiskers... how cute is that?!?!


  1. It's no wonder you are short on time... this creation must have taken up quite a bit of it. However, it is these fun things that you do that Sophie will remember. When she is 30 and someone asks her what her childhood was like, she'll have just sum it up as GREAT because there will be too many fabulous memories flooding through her head.


  2. Boy, I would really like to think that... it would mean a lot to me if she remembers all the stuff we do together fondly!