Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo of the Day March 7th

A sunny Saturday in the Dominican Republic, but I'm missing the "lights of my life" at home... .

Mom and I took a walk on the beach this afternoon, checking out some of the resorts to the right of ours. A couple of evenings ago after dinner we walked down the beach to the left, checking out the architecture of the resort buildings, and even popping into one that was open to the water (I felt like such a trespasser!). The Playa Dorada area is packed with vacationers sunning themselves, playing in the sand, swimming etc. and locals selling everything from trinkets to carvings to hair-braiding services - it makes for some great people watching. At night, the lights from the resorts cast dancing shadows across the beach, and music from beach side stages floats through the air... it's an all-sensory evening experience.


  1. This could be a great photo to put on cards. Get yourself a little sand box like the ones that people use to lessen stress, scratch a message on it, take the photo and apply it to one of your lovely cards. How cool is that.


  2. Hey - that is a cute idea! Good thinking...