Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photo of the Day March 25th

Today was a special day at Sophie's Preschool, because she got to be the "Book Buddy" of the day. She got to choose one book from home to bring in to school, and during circle time the Teacher read her book to the rest of the class. Sophie's current favourite seems to be anything by Doctor Seuss, so I was surprised when she chose this Eric Carle book instead. "The Mixed Up Chameleon" is a funny and very visual story about a chameleon who wishes he could be like a huge assortment of other animals, and finally comes to the realization that just being himself is much better. Great art, great message...


  1. I love the cover of the book, which I assume is the picture above... and yes the message is bang on.


  2. Yup, that's the "mixed up chameleon" from the cover of the book!