Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo of the Day March 9th

As much as I would like to end the vacation portion of my blogging on a warm and peaceful note, I cannot. The photos on my camera end abruptly yesterday, since last night I began to feel ill and have spent all of today either in the bathroom or in bed. What a waste of a day... the sun is shining, the birds (like our little balcony visitor shown above) are singing, and I know that we have to pack up and be waiting for our bus bright and early in the morning. I would like nothing better than to spend the day out enjoying the sun, but instead it passes me by in a haze of stomach cramping and restless sleep. I had been careful in many ways, even brushing my teeth with bottled water "just in case", but obviously it wasn't enough - I'm paying for some sort of gastronomic indiscretion now.

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  1. Such a sad story made more heartfelt by the view of what you could not enjoy.