Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo of the Day March 4th

Above: A shot of me on the balcony off our living room, taken by my mother who's standing on the balcony off our bedroom. Tee hee!
Our vacation has officially presented some "challenges", which thankfully were resolved quite satisfactorily by around 4pm today. It began with our room assignment yesterday, which after being redirected a couple of times due to guests who didn't vacate their room despite the fact they were supposed to have left quite early that day (are you allowed to do that?!?!?), ended up being the exact opposite of what we had requested. Our request was pretty simple: a room that wasn't on the main floor, had two beds, and was in a quieter area of the resort (ex. not overlooking the main bar or something). We got a room on the main floor with only one bed and a balcony that overlooked a local nightclub just across a busy access road. That frustration combined with the near-constant rain that's come down since we arrived (and which flooded our room twice during the night by the way) put us in a pretty grumpy mood. Thank God for Amparo, a guest services representative who went above and beyond and ended up repositioning us in the Club Premium area of the resort. It was like moving to another resort all together - the room is actually like an apartment (with two separate balconies!) on the third floor overlooking a mangrove. The area also has a private 40-person Jacuzzi, an open-air bar, and some much needed peace and quiet. We're very happy vacationers now!

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