Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo of the Day April 12th

Between "school work" (ie: work voluntarily done for Sophie's school, as opposed to work I need to do for any kind of schooling of my own) and a coffee date with some of the members of my Book Club this evening, Sophie and I had a rousing game of Diggity Dog. It's fun - participants move their little dog around a track picking up magnetic bones... any bones that match the colour of their dog they get to keep, and the first person to collect all three bones and make it back to their dog house wins the game. Somehow this game always goes off the rails for Sophie, because she's got such a big imagination that the simple act of moving the dogs around the board isn't enough for her... there needs to be more drama. The dogs must talk to one another, sometimes there's a conflict between the red dog and the blue one that needs to be resolved, and often one of them gets "lost" or in some sort of other trouble so another one can help it. Today, all four of the Diggity Dogs found themselves on rafts made from their bones, floating down a river towards a waterfall. What will happen next?!?! If you guessed I was roped into a rescue mission to save the dogs from their perilous situation you're right on. I'm keeping my eyes on game and toy websites to find some sort of role playing game that's fit for a four-year-old, since all her other games somehow end up in acting scenarios anyway. I can only imagine what she'll come up with if given the proper tools!

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