Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo of the Day April 6th

This is my Dad's last day visiting - he has to leave tomorrow morning - so we're making the most of it. We spent much of the day together hanging out visiting and playing cards... I think it's so cool that Sophie's gotten to the age that we can start introducing different card games to her and she picks them up quite quickly. She took turns being both my partner and Grandpa's partner for several hands of "Silly Eights" and managed to help both of us win - she was our lucky charm! In the late afternoon we all went together to Sophie's gymnastics class at The Little Gym. Dad was kind enough to give Sophie her current semester of classes as a Christmas present, so it was really nice that he got to see her in the class to get a better understanding of what she was doing. After Sophie headed off to bed we shared a great Thai meal and a bottle (or two?) of wine... it's been a real "hit & run" visit that I wish didn't have to end so soon!


  1. While it was a quick visit, we did a heck of a lot of fun stuff. I'm glad I got to see Sophie Comanichi do her thing at the gym class. Gee, I look so serious here... not at all an indication of how much fun it was.

  2. Well it was a game of cards... that's serious stuff!