Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo of the Day April 4th

The hunt is on! Sophie hands me the clue found inside one of her Easter Eggs, while our cat Georgie checks out her egg-collecting basket.
Me, my Grandmother and Sophie go for a walk around the nursing home on a lovely Easter Sunday
A very happy Easter Sunday indeed! I started the morning with a very excited little girl bursting into my room to show me the Easter egg she had found hidden in our printer - one that I didn't actually think she'd find so quickly, considering it's tricky location. But she knows where the paper is kept and wanted to draw a picture when she woke up, so that hidden egg was revealed first! The Easter Bunny does some pretty thorough work around our house... we do a scavenger hunt to find all the eggs, each of which contains a little clue to tell Sophie where her next egg might be found. Creative, that Easter Bunny. We started the egg hunt right away and quickly realized that the egg she found in the printer wasn't supposed to be "first", so she impressed me by putting it back in the printer so she could find her eggs in order - what a great kid. We raced all over the house finding eggs in dishes of tomatoes, inside the microwave, in the toilet paper holder, and more... she was absolutely thrilled with the whole event. After enjoying some of her newly found chocolate and pouring over her Easter basket we had quick showers and breakfast so we could meet my Dad and head off to Wallaceburg for a visit with my Grandmother. I always enjoy seeing her and Sophie has such great memories of each of her visits... she's asking if she can go for rides with Grandma to "see the birds" even before we arrive there, and always has things she wants to bring Grandma to see, usually pictures she's drawn or a favourite toy or two. This time it was Grandma with the toys, as she surprised Sophie with two little stuffed bunnies when we arrived - Sophie was thrilled. We did indeed take some walks around the nursing home to see the birds, and Dad and I also got to share some photographs of our recent trips with Grandma, which was nice. After a great visit we headed for home, has a nice dinner with Chris (who had been working all day) and headed for bed... happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the day with me. This is a great shot too!