Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo(s) of the Day April 2nd

Still in her PJ's, Sophie enjoys Easter treats from Grandma

Taking her new marionette from Grandpa for a walk after dinner

It's Good Friday so Sophie had the day off school and all the shops were closed - a great excuse to stay at home (aside from a walk to the park) and enjoy our company. I've convinced my mother that driving for four hours to get down here to only stay a night isn't a good idea after all, and she's going to stay and head back tomorrow instead, which made our day that much more relaxed. We also got to enjoy some early Easter presents, as we got into the wonderful box of goodies that my Mom brought to London with her - and in the evening we welcomed my Dad into town and received some "just back from Mexico" souvenirs from him. We were all spoiled rotten and Sophie in particular was certainly treated to some wonderful gifts, from an amazing basket full of treats from Grandma to an authentic Mexican marionette from Grandpa - but I know her greatest gift was the opportunity to spend time with the Grandparents she loves so much and doesn't get the chance to see that often!

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