Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photo of the Day April 24th

So we're on our way to the Covent Garden Market this morning to pick up a couple of veggies and grab some lunch when I spot something a little surreal out of the corner of my eye. It looks like a Star Wars Storm Trouper... actually, it looks like a few of them along with a couple Darth Vaders and a handful of other Star Wars Characters... hanging around on the corner near the market? Looking down the street I see at least three more costumed characters heading into or out of the John Labatt Centre... not the normal pedestrian traffic on a Saturday morning. Naturally we had to wander over to investigate, and we found out that tickets go on sale today for the Star Wars In Concert event happening in July - it's a showing of the movie complete with a live orchestra playing the score along with the film. Having the costumed folks out promoting ticket sales must have been getting a good reaction, because there were plenty of people like us who simply couldn't resist the urge to walk over and see what the heck was going on... didn't get us to buy tickets mind you, but it was a good gimmick (and interesting photo opportunity for Sophie) none the less. You just never know what you're going to stumble across in downtown London!

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  1. What a lucky kid that Sophie is to experience so many interesting and varied things. Way to go Summer!