Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo of the Day April 23rd

Great day today... after a very early wake-up call from Sophie (6am sucks by the way) we enjoyed breakfast, a crazy house-cleaning game where both Sophie and I each pretended to be Cinderella, a nice lunch, and a Barbie fashion show. Sophie's been asking me about my Barbie fashion skills since Easter weekend when I entertained Courtney and her by creating a new set of clothes for Courtney's old Barbie collection out of napkins from the dinner table - today was the day I put those skills to the test on Sophie's dolls. I created two looks, one out of a plain white dinner napkin accessorized with the decorative trim from a cocktail napkin (left), and the other created from frilly little petal napkins in a dark purple (right). I have a ball making these little dresses, although I'm sure I would be frowned upon for my liberal use of masking tape to hold the whole thing together! After displaying our fashions for the world (or at least our dining room) to see, my friend Meagan who's a nurse from California came over for a visit... it was great to see her since we rarely get the opportunity, and our time together flew. Now at dinner time a chicken is spinning on the rotisserie, brussel sprouts are roasting in the oven, potatoes are baked and broccoli is steaming - we're going to enjoy a great dinner before I head off to a night of poker with some neighbourhood friends. Great day - I'm ready to repeat it again, even with the obscenely early wake-up call!

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  1. Summer those dresses are amazing! It reminds me of when you were in high school doing costumes and make up for the plays.

    Poker? What kind of poker?