Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo of the Day April 9th

Our friend Rowan was with us today, and with spring upon us it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start some planting. Chris picked up some cool little pots that you can use to sprout seeds and then plant right into the ground, and about a week ago he took Sophie to the garden centre to pick out seeds. She selected two colours of morning glory (blue like last year, and bright pink), azaleas, and cat grass for Georgie and Gabby - we figured the cat grass could wait until we picked up a bigger pot and the proper "growing medium", but those little pots just called out for soil and seeds today. Planting is such a fun (if kinda messy) activity to do with the kids - they absolutely love it and it's great to know that it's a project that will last... I know that Rowan will be watering his little plants at home in the weeks to come, and our little green thumb will certainly keep on top of caring for her plants here. Next step: little green sprouts - can't wait!

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