Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo of the Day March 30th

I spent a large part of today at the school, responding to some parental concerns about school safety by doing a walk-about with the Principal to discuss issues involving parking lot safety, sight-lines into the school, how much the school's windows open (or don't), and more. Immediately following that event I ran a meeting for the School Council subcommittee working on putting together a Welcome Package for families when they join the school - a meeting that was unfortunately scheduled at the same time as Sophie's gymnastics class. Thank goodness Chris was off work today, so he was able to bring her to class and was kind enough to snap a picture for me so I could take a peek at what I'd missed. There's my girl, up on the high balance beam without holding the instructor's hand - I was very impressed that the paparazzi caught the shot!

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