Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photo of the Day April 17th

My weekly trip to the Western Fair Farmer's Market went a bit differently today, as we got a note with our veggies last week stating that the market will be closed for about a week and a half after today. We'd just gotten into the habit of their new hours, which include being open on Thursdays... now we're going to have to do without the market for Thursday - Saturday - Thursday. What ever will we do? I'll tell you what we'll do - we'll stock up on anything that will freeze well, that's what. I bought forty flour tortillas, two full pounds of bacon, and enough veggies to get us through at least the rest of this week... that will have to do for now. I'm sure the one thing I'll run out of before the market opens again is garlic - I have a real problem buying supermarket garlic because it's almost exclusively shipped in from China, and when we grow garlic right here in Ontario (and there are some amazing garlic growers in Quebec as well) I just don't think I should have to buy it from the other side of the world. But can you find Canadian garlic in the grocery store? Nope - I can't anyway... at the market I have my choice of Ontario or Quebec grown, organic or non, elephant style or petite. In retrospect I should have bought three heads instead of two, especially since we're having hummus and pita, Greek salad and stuffed pork chops for dinner... I already know I'm going to go through some of it this evening. You can bet that when I show up at the Market when they reopen on Saturday May 1st I'm going to have extra bags with me!


  1. YOU BOUGHT TORTILLAS? YOU BOUGHT TORTILLAS!!!! Why on earth are you buying tortillas when you have a tortilla press AND Masse flour in your cupboard??????????

  2. LOL! But they were whole wheat tortillas, not corn tortillas. Until I learn how to make the whole wheat ones for myself I have to buy them elsewhere for things like Sophie's "peanut butter role-ups" and such (and really, they are the best damned whole wheat tortillas I've ever tasted - it's not easy to give them up!)