Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo of the Day November 11th

Lest We Forget...

Chris, Sophie and I observed our moments of silence separately today. Sophie attended a Remembrance Day Assembly at Tecumseh, Chris went downtown to watch the Veteran's parade and the ceremony at Victoria Park's Cenotaph with several thousand other Londoners, and I stayed home trying to explain to a somewhat confused Rowan why we weren't talking for two full minutes before heading to the school to get Sophie. Throughout the day we remembered those brave men and women who have fought in wars throughout our history, dying to protect the ideals and values that we so often take for granted today. I said a special prayer for my friend Meaghan's husband Paul, whose currently at home after a tour in Afghanistan... we're grateful for his safe return, and mindful of those who weren't so lucky. Lest we forget...

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