Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo of the Day November 18th

A new toy has arrived in our home! As you can tell by reading this blog I enjoy photography, albeit on a purely amateur level... and while Chris and I have talked about eventually upgrading our little digital to an SLR, there's always something more pressing to take care of financially. Enter Chris's mom Shirley, who took a photography course quite some time ago and outfitted herself with a nice SLR and a great collection of lenses and filters as a result. She's taken some gorgeous pictures with it (especially nature shots) but it hasn't been used for the past several years, and since a camera like that really does want to take pictures now and again... it's taken up residence at our home for a while! Chris has been pouring over the manuals trying to figure it out, and I'll take my crack at it once he's had a turn - I'll be sure to make note of it as photos from the SLR make an appearance on this blog!

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