Monday, November 2, 2009

Photo of the Day November 2nd

Hey, who's that cute redhead in the middle?!?!
As I'm sure I've mentioned in the past I'm the co-editor of the Firebird, the newsletter of Tecumseh Public School. We put out an issue once a month, and it's one of the largest newsletters of any public school in the area usually coming in at about 12 pages in length chock full of pictures and information about student activities. I work with a partner who's a whiz at all things grammatical and an expert at the ins and outs of spelling, so my focus each month tends to be on editing text for flow and working on layout and design. Proof of my focus on this month's newsletter layout over its specific content came this morning when Sophie brought home a copy of the Firebird in her backpack... I was looking it over to see how it translated from on-screen to hard-copy when I noticed that she was in the photo for recipients of the SOAR award this month! When going over the newsletter as it was coming together I didn't actually check the award photo for faces, I only looked at it for size... what a wonderful surprise to see she had won an award for "Thinking Skills" (which refers to problem solving and making decisions)! It you would like to see the most recent issue of the Tecumseh Firebird newsletter please click here (you'll need an Adobe reader).

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