Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo of the Day November 16th

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've recently started taking part in the Cooking Club Challenge run by Food Network Canada. Each month the registered participants vote on the type of recipe they'd like to make, and Food Network tabulates the votes and lets everyone know which dish "won". The recipe is posted and as participants complete their own version they're invited to send in photos and information about what they may have changed and how the overall recipe worked for them. I think it's a neat way to introduce something into your meal plan that you may not otherwise have made - last months meatloaf was a pretty good example of that in my house. Although I haven't gotten to this month's challenge yet (Michael Smith's Cinnamon Rolls), I've decided to go back and try some of the previous challenges... which is why last night I roasted a chicken for the first time ever. Please bear in mind that I'm a vegetarian, so when I think of "family meals" they usually feature something I can actually eat... making roasts, steaks, meatloaf, etc are pretty much outside my frame of reference. I'm thrilled to say that the chicken was a hit, especially with my tried-and-true carnivore husband who said it was one of the best roast chicken dinners he'd ever had. Feel free to click here to check out the recipe. I'm looking forward to continuing this little cooking experiment, and I have every faith that Chris will support me every step, or every bite, of the way!

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