Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photo of the Day November 4th

After a long day of sitting through lectures yesterday I brought my energy level back up with a quick workout at the hotel gym and then headed out for dinner at the Eaton's Centre with the other representatives from my school. It was a good opportunity for us to discuss what we'd seen and heard, which ideas we thought might have a place at our school and which weren't such a good fit. It was also good to get away from "conference centre air" and outside for a while - we all enjoyed the walk to and from the Eaton's Centre and Toronto's harbour front, where our hotel is located. After a much better nights sleep (it does take at least a night to get used to a new bed, doesn't it?) I enjoyed a cup of coffee and the view out my hotel room window (shown above) before heading down for the second day of the EQAO Symposium. A school choir performance, two more lectures and a closing speech later we said goodbye to Toronto and headed back to Union Station to catch our VIA train home. I'm very glad to have had this opportunity... to learn some strategies to help my daughter's school become an even better place, to establish new relationships, and to have some time away from home as "Summer" instead of "Mommy". All three of those things feed my soul... something that may not have been on the conference agenda but which I appreciated none the less. And the perfect way to end this little journey? Sophie and Chris waiting for me at the train station in London with lots of "I love yous" and "I missed yous". With all those selling points, I would jump at the opportunity to attend similar events in the future!

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