Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photo of the Day November 23rd

A detail from the Christmas Card I'll be making and sending out this year. If you want to see the entire image, click here.

I'd better warn you now... in the next week or so you're probably going to get bombarded with entry after entry about all the holiday prep that's going on at my house. But if this blog is to be a true reflection of what's happening around here each day, an overwhelming amount of Christmas projects will be what you see for the next while. I mentioned two days ago that an upcoming visit from my cousins was prompting me to get some wrapping done to send back up north with them, but I didn't mention the primary reason for their visit. Each year we get together for a weekend in November to work on our Christmas cards, and I'm excited that the weekend is almost upon us. I've been making my own Christmas cards for over a decade, my cousin Sandy started making her own about five years ago, then two years ago my cousin Lisa joined in as well. I'm converting them all, slowly but surely! It's quite the weekend, with hour after hour of paper cutting and folding, gluing and glittering, stamping and embellishing... fueled by eggnog, Thai take-out and chocolate. We each have generous Christmas card lists (last year I made 60), so putting together enough cards isn't a quick affair... but it's a fun one when you do it with people you love and enjoy spending time with!

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