Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo of the Day November 15th

Chris, Sophie and I staked out our curb about 45 minutes before the parade began and snuggled up for some hot chocolate while we waited.
Well, I guess the Christmas season is officially upon us... the Santa Claus parade was last night! It certainly snuck up on me - I may not have found out about the parade until after it was over if it weren't for a Facebook friend mentioning it in their status update. Although I've been thinking Christmas-y thoughts since pretty much the moment Halloween passed, I was still shocked... this month is absolutely flying by. Since we were lucky enough to find out about it, we bundled Sophie up, made lots of hot chocolate and spent the night watching the bright lights and listening to the music of the Santa Claus parade. We even managed to slip to the grocery store to pick up baby food for the food bank and remembered to bring Sophie's letter for Santa, since Canada Post employees walk the parade route collecting letters for the big guy. Sophie was particularly excited that Slippery the Seal from Storybook Gardens was this year's Grand Marshall... she thought the fact that two of her favourite characters both openned and finished the parade was pretty special. Ho ho ho everyone!
Hey Santa! Look over here!!!

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