Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photo of the Day November 25th

It's the 25th... which means one month from today will be Christmas! That said, the more focused-on date for Sophie at the moment is December 1st, because I've brought out her Advent calendar and she knows that she can't get into it until then. Last year I splurged on this large, book-style Advent calendar with it's pop-up tree at Starbucks knowing that I could save it for refilling... it was originally packed with chocolate truffles, but not surprisingly I found that a chocolate a day is excessive for someone of Sophie's age. This year I've alternated the treats - on even numbered days the window will open to reveal a chocolate, while on odd numbered days she'll discover a bouncy ball, rubber stamp, or little piece of jewelry instead. Sophie remembered the calendar the second she saw it and has been itching to start opening the little windows - I'm glad I put it up on the fireplace a few days in advance so the anticipation can build and I have time to prepare her for the alternating chocolate-prize-chocolate pattern she'll find when she does finally get into it.

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