Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo of the Day November 20th

Despite the somewhat relaxed vibe of this photo-of-the-day, we enjoyed a very high-energy visit from our friends Rhys and Rowan today. While we see Rowan a couple days a week, we don't see Rhys as often so his visit was something Sophie had been looking forward to all week. Their time together certainly didn't disappoint, as it was chock full of pretending to be an assortment of creatures (here they're being bats, hanging upside down in a cave by their feet), running around like crazy people, playing board games, and generally getting into mischief. The kids all had a blast, and while I was left exhausted the day seemed to have the opposite effect on the kids, who had to practically be torn apart at the end of the day as they bounced around at full-speed-ahead high-energy! What a day...

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