Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo of the Day May 12th

Sophie is one happy kid. Now, I'm not trying to fool the world into thinking that she's all smiles and chuckles with not a drop of temper (believe me, the whole "fiery redhead" myth will not be dispelled by her) but she's got a smile on her face and an easy laugh most of the time. She's just so into whatever we're doing, whether its washing vegetables for dinner, working on a project or (more often than not) playing some creative imagination game where we're being bunnies... she really seems to be enjoying all the experiences that life has to offer. A good example - Sophie walking to a restaurant with her cousins Brandon and Courtney. They're not doing anything in particular, not playing a funny game or telling stories... they're just together, and that togetherness is so wonderful to Sophie that her smile lights up the whole parking lot. I hope she keeps finding joy in those little things... it's such a beautiful gift.

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