Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photo of the Day May 7th

Sophie and I had a "play date" at the London Regional Children's Museum this morning with our friends Matt (from preschool), his little brother Tyler and his mom Stephanie. The Children's Museum is a fantastic place for kids... there's just so much to do and see! We were particularly interested in the "Pack Your Bags" exhibit, which hit close to home since we've been talking so much lately about taking a family vacation on "the big white boat" in February... it was neat to look at (and play with) passport checking equipment, a hotel front desk, big rotating maps and more. The big hit with Sophie this trip was the Space exhibit, where you can "drive" a mock Mars Rover, climb aboard a Space Station, and even push buttons in Mission Control. This handsomely painted fellow watches over the Mars Rover, making sure you don't get lost I'm sure... 

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