Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo of the Day May 24th

I've always been a fan of interesting jewelry. Whether it's something "little velvet box" worthy, a "turn your skin green" bauble, or a vintage necklace that belonged to my grandmother... if it appeals to me it becomes a favourite, pretty much forever. One of the pieces on constant rotation is an wonderful bracelet sent to me by my girlfriend Angéline - it's got multiple strands of pretty beads, all strung together and connected with a set of long filigreed bars. With beads in a wide variety of colours it matches pretty much anything I wear, and has the added bonus of entertaining Sophie... she likes to spin it around looking for the little pink, heart-shaped beads. My favourite part? Every time I wear it I think of my wonderful friend... it makes her feel a bit closer even though we're geographically far apart. Thanks Angéline!

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  1. :) Cool photo! I wouldn't have recognized it...and I didn't know you (or Sophie) liked it that much... I'm so glad... You're MOST welcome.