Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo of the Day May 23rd

While tomorrow is actually our niece Courtney's sweet sixteen, we had a family get-together this evening to celebrate so she could spend the "official" day with her friends at Canada's Wonderland. It was a nice mix of grandparents, parents and kids and everyone had a lot of fun... I was going to suggest that the abundance of energetic games in Mary's yard could be explained by six kids under sixteen years old, but I have to say some of the adults got in on the fun just as much as the kids did (Uncle Al, I'm talking to you!) I'm not sure where the hockey sticks came from, but apparently Uncle Al thinks they make a great accessory when playing hide-and-seek-tag... yikes!


  1. I have been attacking children with hockey sticks for years. Who know Sophie would fight back with a bigger stick!

  2. Too cute...for a second I thought it was a cricket bat and was going to call Mark to come see this!