Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo of the Day May 8th

At the end of our trip to the Children's Museum yesterday we made a stop in the gift shop. It's one of the few places that I really don't mind buying something to bring home because so many of their toys and games are both educational and reasonably priced. Sophie's choice today: Magic Bubbles, a very concentrated form of liquid that makes bubbles you can actually touch - they don't pop right away when they come in contact with surfaces. Naturally we broke them out this afternoon while playing in the backyard with our friend Rowan, and they were a hit! Here you see one of those very durable little bubbles resting on a blade of grass... pretty, and pretty cool!


  1. All and all a great week of photos and comments. I enjoy reading what is going on and seeing snippets of the things you do and see. I love the photos Sophie with her dad and with the pie.


  2. Sounds like the "mission" of this blog has been accomplished then... my whole goal is to share the simple ins and outs of our lives with the friends and family who don't get the opportunity to be a daily part of them. We love you... and thanks for your comments!