Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day May 31st

Quai Du Vin, an unexpected stop on our Sunday drive... This old sign was hung on the back side of a barn on the property, and I liked it's "weathered" look even more than the professional-looking sign out front!

Sophie and Mommy strike a pose in front of some out-of-commission oak barrels on the terrace.

Sophie takes the lead on our self-guided tour of the vineyard...

They've done a beautiful job with their landscaping, with lots of water features... we watched the tadpoles swimming around in this pond for quite a while!
A beautiful Sunday... the perfect day for a family drive. We took off in the late morning headed to Port Stanley, with the idea of buying fresh lake perch from one of the local fish markets on the pier. On the way: a nice distraction when we saw the sign for Quai Du Vin Estate Winery and decided to take a detour. The winery is lovely and we took Sophie on an impromptu tour of the vineyard, pointing out the difference between older vines and newer, and measuring the growth of the vines in different areas of the vineyard. Along the way were an awful lot of great photo opportunities, so today's "photo of the day" became plural... I'll have to scrapbook these and some of the other unposted photos - they're both great creative inspiration and wonderful memories. 


  1. You've been there before Summer on a Shunpiker Tour. In fact I think you have a picture I took or you and your mother in front of some wine casks. It was hanging on your family foto wall.


  2. You're right... that was the only other time I've been, and the photo is still up on the wall. It was nice to revisit, and from what little memory I have of how it looked when I was there last I think they've done a beautiful job of remodeling the place.