Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo of the Day May 19th

I felt we lost much of the Victoria Day long weekend this year because Chris worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings - it was impossible for us to plan a road trip or other big family event when he was either sleeping off his last shift or getting ready for the next one. Today we decided to make up for it by doing a real holiday-weekend-style road trip (despite the fact that it's Tuesday); we went to Grand Bend for the afternoon. This kind of beach day is one of my favourites... it was beautifully warm(ish), sunny and the beach was almost deserted. Nothing to hear but the crash of the waves on the sand, and Sophie's laughter as she ran in and out of the surf. She found endless entertainment in picking up driftwood and stones and throwing them into the waves, watching for how quickly the driftwood would come floating back to shore. At one point Chris snuck one of her driftwood sticks away to write her name in the sand, and when she discovered it she told us she needed to walk all over it so her footprints would make the letters stick. So sweet.

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