Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo of the Day May 21st

Two of what I've been calling "mystery tulips" have recently bloomed on our lawn... they're right next to the path leading to our front porch and are clearly very different breeds from one another. One is red with sharply pointed petals (shown above), and the other is yellow with a feathery red boarder and round petals. Not only did we not plant these tulips, but ones we have planted (all the way around in the back yard) are a completely different breed again. Although these two flowers are completely out of place just sprouting up randomly on our lawn, I can't bring myself to pick them... Sophie has been enjoying a daily check on the mystery tulips that includes trying to figure out exactly what time of day they go from being closed to open. She also waters them regularly... a good little gardener-in-the-making I seem to have on my hands!

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